Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clint's birthday

Today is a day that should be a happy one for all.  Instead it is a sad day because we are missing one important member of the team.  Today is Clint’s birthday and where we should be celebrating another year in a life we are trying to remember and enjoy the life that was.

Clint was a person who constantly wanted to test himself and improve himself.  One of the passions that Clint had was Thai boxing.  In the quest for improvement he decides to learn from the best in the world and compete in a country that has built itself on a tuff martial arts tradition.  Martial arts training here is very taxing on both a person’s mental and physical state and you must be extremely strong in character to survive.  It is the toughest cleanest life anyone can lead.  They feed you a bowl of rice and water, you train your heart out and you live and breath the sport.  Clint not only survived this life style but he thrived on the challenge of continuous improvement and testing his own abilities and willpower.  I never saw Clint fight but I have been told he was undefeated during his stay here in Thailand.  This is an amazing achievement in a land that loves this sport so much.  Clint loved his time in Thailand and Thailand loves anyone that takes their national sport seriously enough to come and learn from the masters.

RIP Clint

Matthew Fahey

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