Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Informal Complaint

Hi My name is Geoff Curley

I a round about sort of way I feel like myself and my family are victims of your show

I will not go into the detail of why at this point , I will only tell you that I am the father of Clint Curley , the person killed in an accident at Glenbrook on the 24th of March this year.

After being supplied false and misleading statements a number of Media organizations reported my son as a P cook , this is false and the damage it has done to my family is unforgivable .

The investigation so far is nothing short of inditement on the New Zealand police force and individuals that at this point I will not Name...

I have a huge amount of evidenced and statements from the public and police

What im wanting to know is I have received an inquiry from an interested party wanting to set up a website that monitors your Drugbust program, the website will give the public the opportunity to  
Comment on individual shows and comment on the officers playing policemen ,they can also rate there performance much like the public rate a game of rugby and its players ,

There will also be a section were disgruntled members of the public can tell of there own travesties dealt to them  

Personally I think your show which I have never seen , is changing the face of policing in new Zealand , the Army, navy, Air force and police have long been an institution in our country, your program
Is giving these public servants an opportunity to see themselves as movie stars, while the good old bobby on the beat is out there doing the hard yards these makeup room cowboys are rehearsing there next script all at the expense of the tax payer, and while your ratings may improve you are fueling this lust for the limelight where I believe  some of these people act in a manner were they  put there new career  first , and the truth becomes insignificant .

What I want to know is

Will this person be breaking any laws such as copyright , or any other Laws about privacy or anything at all

The likely hood is that the site will be run out of Cambodia or Nepal

Its being set up now from what I understand so I will send you a link as soon as its launched which should be today  ,

Could you also please give me the email address of the most senior person of this show that I may be in contact with

Please get back to me asap

Clints Dad Geoff Curley

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