Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clint's Poem

I wrote a poem today this is how it goes.
They gave me this pen and pad today
they said we know you write
so few lines to use for a bond so tight.
I walk and think and think and walk
I really don’t know why
and find a quiet corner to have another cry.
I saw you born I saw you grow
we did things side be side.
All those games of rugby I watched with so much pride.
All those times you did your best
I was your biggest fan.
One day I knew you would be proud
to lead the Curley clan.
You were my son
you were my mate
we planned into the night I still cant figger our how come your always right
I thought I was hard I thought I was tough
but let me give you a tip
nothing in this world can prepare you for this trip.
You worked so hard you passed the tests
you never did a project unless it was the best
and when it comes to kindness you were bigger than the rest
I’m standing here in this empty world under clear blue sky
and all I think I can really say is
why, why, why!!!!

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