Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pray for Clint Curley

Pray for Clint Curley WISH YOU sleep well in the heaven

Today is your birthday we wish you to be here with us if we have one more chance  just want to let you know we will miss you you  were so cool man!! when I have met  you’ve got a nice eyes and I like that your tiger tattoo.

You got a really nice family they will miss you a lot I wish you become what you want in the heaven.

                                                                  Sleep good my friend

1 comment:

  1. Hey clint

    miss you heaps
    there are so many people who love you all working in the background to tell the world the true story
    to tell the world the shining star that you were

    the lies the police and the way they treated your family true injustice, they are already telling more lies to cover up there old ones , there story is about to be told , the internet is a powerfull tool , but not as big as some of the tools working at the Papakura poplice station , there has even been a song written and the lyrics have even been sent to , MnM , roby Williams and Acon to asked if they are interested , any Royalties going to the Starship childrens Hospital and westpack resue Helycopter , the song is called Symond Says , its orsum its about you and the way you were shafted , stay strong My friend you have so many loyal mates ..............go hard clinty boy